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Borders-Orbits 05-06

Not the idea of representation being a stable structure, but the idea of evolution forms the content of present time. Falling into disgrace, image causes the idolization value of the object to lose its value. This equalizes the value of use of the object with its exhibitive (observative) value, and alienates the look from the appeal of image. Living forms materializing by emanating from the presentation gives a real body and a real life to persons, things and events through their value of use. These forms, having a breath of a second life blown by artists into them, are reintroduced into the metamorphosis of relational social forms and find a place for these second lives in their own time and setting.

Eighteen young artists participating in "Borders-Orbits 05-06" experience the integrity of dialectics by erasing the boundaries between the dull representative forms of the image and the forms of reality lying beneath the roots of the artwork. Presenting an attitude that is sometimes daring and the other times passive, they try to realize the difference between the image and the reality.

Most of the exhibition consists of paintings, videos, installations and digital works.

Drawings by Seval Şener present a critical attitude against the distraction of image, through a reproduction from image to image. Installation of Sibel Horada Coşkun experiences reading the change in one's own body through attestation of the residues of the same body. Türkay Çotuk eliminates the representation of reality by repeating the image and the sound, thus leaving the viewers face to face with the reflection of the remaining spirit on the video. Curing images of spirits divided in the refuge of pornography of innocence meets us in a therapy against trauma, that is the paintings of Zekine Kundukan. Collages of Sevgi Arı are formed by digital units indicating the image capacity created by deviations and separations between the indicative and expressive values of images. Fırat Neziroğlu duplicates and ceremonializes the causality of a current form, using a weaving technique. Materializing the image in her installation, Çiğdem Menteşoğlu makes the viewers confront with the actual theme. Photo-video of Öner Özlü establishes a distance between images frozen on thousands of photo frames and exteriorizes the video image consisting of subsequently arranged photo frames, using the sign of motion. Burcu Yağcıoğlu expresses herself in her paintings through minimalized manifestations. Installation of Eşref Yıldırım includes encryption of the poetic text.

The view in Ahmet Kocataş's paintings tries to reveal the leaks of reality hidden behind the image. Hasan Aksaygın attempts to develop question forms on his very own being-existence in his paintings as the carrier subject of the traumas, specific to the geography in which he exists. In his installation, Ercan Vural experiences passive-aggressive agitations by means of ready objects. Reysi Kamhi makes parodic attempts by repainting the representative images of cyber world eliminating our freedom by penetrating into our privacy.

Current themes continue to be worth observing in Gökçe Er's paintings, though they eliminate the distance between image and view. The content of Hatice Karadağ's video includes sculptures of a kind of representative transform between still-life objects. And video work by Ali İbrahim Öcal demands different readings on representative objects.

Art works taking part in the exhibition will have new forms by stratifying through the readings of the viewers rather than the things they represent.

Mürteza Fidan
T. Melih Görgün

April, 2009