Siemens Sanat
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Useful Contraventions

Today's art turns exhibition venues into mechanisms for social participation. And art today forms new counter public spheres by forming new areas for interchange, and by moving to a multi-meaning from a public arena generalized with singularity.

Artists take themes such as war, poverty, gender and democracy, different than ideological, socio-political blocks and they create multiple interchange platforms. At the same time, today's art practices are shaped by geo-political conditions, the public backdrop and various urban dynamics.

Art practices produced in process based diverse spaces, which have a social content and a collectivism in collaboration with many social layers and segments, develop the dialogue between representations. These dialogues try to find different ways to dream of unknown social forms and their mentalities, and this can be realized by contravening the generalising principles of the public sphere, and by unfamiliar allegiances.

In this exhibition there are three art initiatives that approach the public arena in different ways.

The art group Urbaneer transforms the urban environment into a playground, analyses its character with different social segments, and aims to reach a multiple of conclusions.

The art group Atılkunst uses the ironic mythology of the local hero, causing a rift from the discourses of everyday life, and takes a socially warning role through irony.

And Gordon Young's art works use typography to bring about a conceptual relationship with the environment, and he develops suggestions and applies them.

Mürteza Fidan