Siemens Sanat
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It is evident that all the realities produced until today have left nothing but disappointment. It should not be surprising that a generation unable to even live its disappointments tells the stories of what appears to be their residue. In addition, virtually.




Kadıköy Kemal Atatürk High School
Marmara University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department
Marmara University, Fine Arts Institute, Painting Department (Master)




2008 Önerme II, PG Art, İstanbul
2007 AIAS Onur Ödülü Sergisi, Zürih, İsviçre
2007 İstanbul Çağdaş Sanat Fuarı, RHMD, İstanbul
2007 26. Günümüz Sanatçıları Sergisi, İstanbul Akbank Sanat, İstanbul
2007 Sınırlar - Yörüngeler 01, Siemens Sanat, İstanbul