Siemens Sanat
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This project that started in November 2006 receive its name from the Adventures of Tarkan and the Wolf, epic characters who are very well known by one generation in Turkey. Tarkan is a character created by Sezgin Burak in 1965. His story takes place in Middle Asia, under the rule of the Hun Empire. The illustrator, depicts this character as heroic messenger between the west and east end of the imperial land. In years, this famous strip cartoon was used by nationalist expression as an icon, since wold has always been the symbole of Turkish nationalism. Nowadays, this strip cartoon obtained a critical content, involving a certain social irony. Today the well-known catchword 'atıl kurt' ("attack, wolf!") is a commonly used witty anectode.

The Group is founded by Turkish artists, who at the time, worked in Bremen, Germany, as guest artists, for a short period. Atıl Kunst is choosen with a reflex instinct, because of its phonetic resemblance to Kurt ("wolf"), because of its driving content and its humour. In Turkish language Atıl means to rush on, to break in, to stand out against something and to take a step towards adventure.

Atıl Kunst observes the life around it with irony. Instead of considering a single concept at lenght, it creates contemporary and up-to-date reaction area.

Atıl Kunst acts with catchwords. Words transform into printed images. Those images appear in many places, public or private, as stickers, videos, photonovels. This can't be considered completly street art in strict sense of the term, but streets are also a stage for it actions. Atıl Kunst, using the communication methods of mass media, makes strong remarks on political agendas and dominant daily expressions. At the indoor exhibitions the group tries to bring the streets inside the gallery atmospher.

In addition to its artistic context, Atıl Kunst can be considered as an activist and culture jammer group. Under the attack of today's image bombardment, Atıl Kunst produces by using same images for the purpose of constructing a new alternative lateral culture.

2008 'Sinop'en' The most local tourism guide ' Sinopale 2nd International Sinop Biennial, Sinop, TR
2008 ' Çıt Çıt Çıt ' Performance, BM Suma , Istanbul ,TR
2007 'Waiting around the corner ' Exhibition "Taking Action", The Hall, Istanbul, TR
2007 ' Fear of God' Hafriyat Karaköy WC, Istanbul ,TR
2007 'Your eyes are bigger than your stomach', "This world annoys me" Hafriyat Karaköy WC, Istanbul, TR
2007 Exhibition "Election Posters" Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul, TR
2007 Exhibition "İntervention", Hafriyat Karaköy WC, Istanbul, TR
2007 Exhibition "Against the Censorship in Art" Athens, GR
2007 Performance "Mourning" MSGSU, Istiklal street in Istanbul,TR