Siemens Sanat
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Born in 1966, lives and works in Venice, Italy.

In between allegory (the synthetic meaning of an artwork) and chaos (the explosion of sense in all possible and impossible directions) Delfina Marcello narrates her fragile stories. In the film Delacroix   Paris, she records in an almost documentary way the existence of three women in a Venetian palace. Two women are young workers from ex-Eastern block countries: a health caretaker and a domestic assistant for an elderly lady. Everyday actions reveal the loneliness of the three women but also their silent emotional bond with one another. Time flows at an inexorably slow pace even after the death of the elderly lady. In the sequel that Marcello is planning to shoot for the Siemens Sanat exhibition, the camera will follow the life of one of the two young women playing a prostitute in Venice.

Marcello's films are emotionally charged and have no dialogues. There are no professional actors and each person plays through everyday actions even when the story sets up extraordinary situations.

In the film Love Accessories, Marcello plays herself with a dog and a lemon tree recreating a sort of Garden of Eden in her own apartment. Though the setting is staged, the objects are charged with emotion that is never quite released.

Selected Shows
"1 + ospite", group show at 'Ex-Birreria Dreher Artists' Studios, Venice, Italy
Screening at Cinema Porto Astra, Padova, Italy - Cinema&Video indipendente, Padova

Screening at C  Foscari University, Venice: Seminar "Videoartisti a C  Foscari" curated by Prof. Guido Sartorelli

"Enjoy" solo show at Ikona Venezia Gallery, Venice, Italy
Screening at Laura Film Festival, Rapallo, Italy, curated by M. Morandini

Screening at XI Roma Film Festival, Rome, Italy
Screening at Galleria Trieste Contemporanea, Studio Tommaseo, curated by Giuliana Carbi, Trieste, Italy

Screening at "Venice Film Meeting", Venice Film Festival Film Market, Venice, Italy
Screening at C  Foscari University, Venice: seminar "Videoartisti a C  Foscari" curated by Prof. Guido Sartorelli