Siemens Sanat
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Raw Cases

Heiddegger, scribbling the word "Existence", and keeping the word itself and its scribble together, was performing the process based on the indicators of "raw case" of high strategic value and after. The word is scribbled as being imperfect and insufficient. The stratification formed by words and scribbles allows multiple readings. However, each scribble, correction on "the first-raw case" smashes the core of the word which is congenital stutter.

Works in the exhibition includes not only the charm of the competence developed in layers but the spiritual origins of the "raw cases".

Is it possible to find your own reality in the world of dreams? Melike Kılıç struggles to restore the spiritual world with the reality in a fairytale like place where ghosts walk around. She prefers dreaming in the real world in the face of the bitterness in reality she is in.

Özlem Gök with her miniature comments generates parallel time raw layers. However, the transparency of the autonomy of each layer is not abandoned. Each layer both continues its existence as autonomous and builds up new meanings exposed by stratification.

The photos, propaganda posters and newspaper clippings that Tunca Subaşı has used as the old time witnesses make up the root of the fragments of the current time. These raw documentations as created on an allusive documentary string booms a strategic critical attitude.

Johannes Vogl as a careful observer of daily life, attempts to beat the reality surrounding by re-forming the functionality with the object-being of the everyday used objects.

He, forming the comfortable micro environments out of the raw state of the reality which is not spectacular, plays the balances of the world's inability and its dangerous state in a seductive way of imagination.

Mürteza Fidan - T.Melih Görgün, 2010