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Siemens Sanat continues discovering contemporary art's young talents with Border-Orbits

The outcome of 'Borders-Orbits' competition is declared

The Borders-Orbits competition was started by Siemens Sanat in 2007 to discover young talents in contemporary art and help bring young artists into the art world. This year, once again, young artists have showed great interest and enthusiasm for the competition.

The Exhibition Evaluation Commission, consisting of Tayfun Erdoğmuş, Mürteza Fidan, T.Melih Görgün, Ahmet Öktem and Hale Tenger, closely examined works of art in various media such as painting, video, installation and digital, produced by graduate and postgraduate students from various faculties. Half of the successful art works from the competition will be exhibited to art lovers with an interest in contemporary art between 6th May and 12th June, at the 'Borders-Orbits 5' exhibition. 'Borders-Orbits 5' will be followed by Borders-Orbits 6, which will host the second half of winning art works.

Siemens Sanat curators Mürteza Fidan and T. Melih Görgün say that the 18 young artists in the 05-06 Borders-Orbits experience the comprehensiveness of the dialectical relationships, by blurring the borders between the forms of reality lying at the roots of the art work and dull representation forms of the figure, and they are attempting to understand the differences between image and reality, sometimes in a daring manner sometimes in a passive one.

The artist Fırat Neziroğlu, who has works exhibited in 'Borders-Orbits 5', ritualizes the mediocrity of a contemporary form by multiplying it with a weaving technique while Demet Yalçınkaya explores the dialectical relationship of the reactive consciousness indirectly through painting. Drawings by Seval Şener present a critical attitude against the distraction of image, through a reproduction from image to image. Türkay Çotuk eliminates the representation of reality by repeating the image and the sound, thus leaving the viewers face to face with the reflection of the remaining spirit on the video

Sibel Horada Coşkun's installation experiences a reading of the changes in her own body using the evidence of her body's own waste. In Zekine Kundukan's paintings the viewer faces trauma therapy, images of the treatment of divided souls taking shelter in the pornography of the innocent. Sevgi Arı'ı collages are formed of digital units indicating the deviations between the sign values and narration values of images and the image capacity created by ruptures.

Sponsored by Osram and Ran-Trans 'Borders Orbits 5' exhibition at Siemens Sanat will be open everyday of the week between 6th May and 12th June from 10:00 to 19:00.

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