Siemens Sanat
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8th exhibition by 'Borders Orbits' in the fourth year

The "Borders Orbits" competition organized by Siemens Sanat for four years to support the young art and to create a platform for contemporary art enables young talents to express themselves freely. After the Borders Orbits 07 exhibition including the first part of successful artworks of "Borders Orbits 07-08" competition of this year, other successful nine artists' artworks will meet the art lovers at Siemens Sanat between June 23rd and July 31st, 2010 with Borders Orbits 08 exhibition.

As a result of the meticulous assessment by the jury including Canan Beykal, Murteza Fidan, T. Melih Gorgun, Gulcin Ozdemir and Emre Zeytinoğlu, the young talents whose works are chosen for the Borders Orbits 08 exhibition include Başak Akçakaya, Can Kurucu, Melis Uğuz, Orhun Erdenli, Nesibe Güneş, Ahmet Doğu İpek, Neslihan Kaleli, Merve Üstünalp and Mehmet Vanlıoğlu.

Nine young artists push the limits of creativity with their works

Başak Akçakaya, with her photography, shows that private life and privacy can be developed as a social-collective form. The photographs of the images on TV turn into parodies of real life.

Can Kurucu, in his videos, shows daily life forms or the parodies of social rituals.

Melis Uğuz, with a critical attitude, showcases her localization and also questions the uniformity of personalities caused by globalization.

The pattern of Orhun Erdenli shows how the initial context of artwork can be manipulated with newly developed references, by its root in the life of the artist.

Nesibe Güneş projects subjective forms coming from her own perception and life through her videos.

Ahmet Doğu İpek, with his black-white patterns, emphasizes human masses, using the masses of threads. Through these masses, he questions human crowds and the secret of sociality and symbols of death.

The context of Neslihan Kaleli's work lies in the consistency of the illumination-calligraphy-miniature paintings with pop culture. One is inspired by theological content and the other by the desire to be famous.

Merve Üstünalp's patchwork portraits show re-building. The rebuilding of self can be possible by layering past with present. In localization, these layers of self exist as a symbol.

Mehmet Vanlıoğlu exhibits his geo-demographic video game based on the conflict-synthesis between representations.

The works in the exhibitions are the forecasts of the new modern forms that oppose the 'singularity' created by the rules of modernity and the 'single-type character' created by globalization.

With kind supports of Garanti Bank, Intercity, Osram, Ran-Trans, Madebycat and Siemens Home Appliances, "Borders Orbits 08" exhibition is open to visit everyday from 10 AM to 7 PM at Siemens Sanat between June 23rd and July 31st, 2010.