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10th exhibition from ""Borders - Orbits"" in its 5th Year

The "Borders - Orbits" competition that Siemens Sanat organizes in order to support young artists and to create a platform for contemporary art takes place for the fifth time this year. After the exhibition 'Borders - Orbits 09', in which the first installment of works considered successful in this year's 'Borders - Orbits 09-10' competition were exhibited, the artworks of other 7 artists are presented to art lovers in Siemens Sanat between June 29 and July 31, 2011.

The exhibition 'Borders - Orbits 10' includes works of seven young artists.

As a result of rigorous evaluation by the Jury that is constituted of Banu Cennetoğlu, Nilüfer Ergin, Mürteza Fidan, T. Melih Görgün, and Hakan Onur, the "Borders Orbits 10" exhibition includes the works of young talents Hüseyin Arıcı, Güler Aşık, Sibel Ay, Zeynep Gürler, N. Güneş Güven, Rabia Öner and Faruk Yigen.

Mürteza Fidan, the co-curator of the exhibition, states that young artists whose works take place in the exhibition, place the fluidity of identities rather than the homogeneity of the problem of identity as the zeitgeist of contemporary visual culture into their agendas.

The gaps between the categories of memory put people face to face with the uncanniness of not being able to create a consensus between the past and the present due to obscurity. In her video works, Sibel Ay hounds the traces of the ghosts of memory in this suspended foggy terrain.

The monumental canvases of Hüseyin Arıcı oscillate between representational concerns of the curious eye. "Passive flesh" borrowed by the spectacle becomes spectacle as instrumental reality and this mechanism is conceptualized through an illusion that is beyond imitation.

In her works, Rabia Öner uses photography as an interfacial tool of transfer and she codes the space/place. She materializes these marks with traditional oil painting techniques and creates the images of desire.

In the video of Güler Aşık, an ambivalent attitude in which the death instinct collide with the life instinct is projected as codes of rehearsal for adulthood. In the work of N. Güneş Güven, in which he reassembles figure-images that he decontextualized by cutting out from different snapshots, he constructs a new instance in another context through an eclectic mechanism.

Faruk Yigen marks the objects of everyday use on a pattern aloof of details through a holistic perception. Rather than containing the representational values of objects, these images transform into original forms that dissolve in the desire of the subject.

The metaphorical plastic sign of Zeynep Gürler, titled "Communication Network," describes how the social communication mechanisms today make collective will possible while they abandon people to the dizzying sentiment of mutual dependency.

The "Borders Orbits 10" exhibition can be visited at Siemens Sanat between June 29th and July 31st 2011, everyday between 10:00 and 19:00.

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