Siemens Sanat
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An Impressive Exhibition by Siemens Sanat: Accent and Silence

The exhibition "Accent and Silence" starts on December 7 2011, in Siemens Sanat, and calls attention to representation, power and the dissenting view of the individual.

Siemens Sanat continues its artistic activities that look at the actual individual and the transborder world of our present day with the new exhibition "Accent and Silence". The exhibition hosts works by Ayşen Urfalıoğlu, Florencia Almirón and Ragıp Basmazölmez, and will open its floor to audience on December 7, 2011.

"Our present day perception of transborder world replaces the representation of otherness in the public space with the dual appearance of difference. "Divisions" and "splits" leave the actual individual devoid of any type of autonomy or representation as a result of the current political atmosphere." The exhibition curated within this general frame discusses how the colonial domination of consumerist culture encircles the individual while, at the same time, the transnational control mechanisms emerging together with globalization are liberating the individual. The exhibition also accents visually on the need for liberating strategies in order to overcome this crisis state of the individual.

Passion, resistance and urban violence in the same exhibition

Ayşen Urfalıoğlu, Florencia Almirón and Ragıp Basmazölmez, the artists in the exhibition, present these unverbalized thoughts as individual's acts of resistance in their works.

Ayşen Urfalıoğlu recounts, through the mediation of a hidden body, her resistance to the hegemony of patriarchal culture in all its force. Thereby she reveals the strategy of the silent aggrieved who is the social, psychological, anatomic, metabolic subject and the object of life.

Florencia Almirón prefers not to assume the responsibility of the passions of the body and the subject who limits itself with its beyond. By preserving the hidden meanings or even removing the functions of objects, she leaves the audience with the desire mechanisms of interpretation.

The accent of Ragıp Basmazölmez is on the cultural traumas generated by current immigration practices. In his works, he visualizes the urban reflections of the political crisis, the division, tension, defeat, passive resistance, and gentrification between the urban and the rural.

In the exhibition Accent and Silence, three different artists look at our current world from different perspectives. The exhibition is in Siemens Sanat and is open to visitors, every week day between 10:00 and 19:0O, between December 7, 2011 and January 22, 2012.

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