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""In Relation"" at Siemens Sanat

"In Relation" at Siemens Sanat

"In Relation" exhibition, which will be opened on December 4 at Siemens Sanat, addresses the reflection of the representation of image and the changing and transforming structure of social production on the cultural stage and the semiotic and semantic formation of bipolarity in the process of life and death.

The joint project of Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus, "In Relation," which is co-curated by Mürteza Fidan and T. Melih Görgün, will welcome its guests at the Siemens Sanat starting from December 4th.

Carried out by the collaboration of Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus, "In Relation" is a unique video performance installation project, which consists of works addressing the discovery of culture, religion, space, and time. The artists use their bodies as vessels to express themselves in space and time in order to display the positive influence of cultural differences.

Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus produce a joint art work containing a refreshing perspective onto the desert landscacpe by means of utilizing different cultural and religious backgrounds. Video performances shot at Dead Sea and the desert use the distinctness and mobility of land under the influence of environmental conditions and the historical transformation of nature as the symbolic objects of the representaiton of the birth, life, and death cycle.

With individual and joint video performances, Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus creates a space of assemblages out of selfing, reenacting, and repetition by means of placing aesthetic objects, such as image production and different viewpoints, which combine production and consumption, with respect to various economic systems, which are differentiated by the language of organization and entropies. This way, they question the new form of relationship between what is material and immaterial.

This new equation in which imaginary and symbolic properties are as real as our true emotions and interests introduces a different experience. It differentiates artists' approach to spatio-temporal relations as well as to image production, text, and language.

"In Relation" aims at developing a shared sensitivty and a social apparatus over mental and bodily energy by means of detailing the new aesthetic and social way of artistic production in antagonistic and relational settings.

In this context, the exhibition invites us to map sensiblity and what is cognitive and to adapt ourselves to foggy and flooded time.

The exhibition is a call to those who are aware of the need for memories, history, and humanity for the process of the formation of social imaginary in the age of interest made valuable by way of economic impetuses on a global scale.

At the opening of the exhibition, December 4, 2013, Nezaket Ekici and Shahar Marcus will perform their live installation, "Floating Ourselves," at 19:30. Time, body, space, culture, and religion are the main elements of this live performance installation.

"In Relation" exhibiton can be visited any day of the week from December 5th, 2013 to January 10th, 2014 between the hours 10:00 to 19:00 at the Siemens Sanat.

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