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Siemens Sanat welcomes Autumn with the 'Ambivalance Video' exhibition

Siemens Sanat welcomes Autumn with the 'Ambivalance Video' exhibition

Siemens Sanat, one of the leading supporters of contemporary art in Turkey, will embrace Autumn with the "Ambivalance Video", a video art exhibition by young artists. The "Ambivalance Video", curated by T.Melih Görgün and Mürteza Fidan, opens on November 5th and closes on December 26th.

The exhibition contains the works of Yasemin Nur Toksoy, Çağrı Saray İrem Tok and Ahmet Albayrak.

Çağrı Saray, who has two works in the 'Ambivalance Video' exhibition, describes the loneliness felt by people living in today's cities in 'Homage to Handke' which was inspired by Peter Handke's 'Lied Vom Kindsein' (The Song of Being a Child).

Yasemin Nur Toksoy, with her video "So Little Time Much Too Little Time", shows how all physical entities are perceived differently by any observer moving, approaching or leaving in various times and positions.

Another artist in the exhibition, İrem Tok, works on the curiosity and excitement felt by watching someone else's life from outside.

And the fourth artist of the exhibition, Ahmet Albayrak, in his works, shows how the ambiguity of borders, spaces and bodies reach a consensus with the sharp digital form of what can be viewed.

One of the curators of the exhibition, Mürteza Fidan says "within a physical space, a human being is himself, and simultaneously against himself; is innocent for not being what he is, and on the other hand, stands guilty for what he is. On the basis of those various engagements of dialectics, qualitative coherence stays silent and delirium is formed from those tacit fragmentations of human beings." and adds; "this morbid humane reality is in direct contradiction with the moral and social reality of mankind. The bipolar morbid human reality only exists in the original reality of the artwork."

As Foucault said, an artwork opens up an empty space, a time for silence, an unanswered question thanks to the mental disorders that interrupts the artwork itself; and thus the art work activates an uncompromising fragmentation in which the world is forced to question itself.

According to Mürteza Fidan, this art work always pushes these pathetic dilemmas to their own limits, to where the work exists but the insanity does not; but those pathetic dilemmas are contemporary with the work of art; because they start the time of artwork's reality.

The "Ambivalance Video" exhibition will be open each day between 10.00 - 19:00, from November 5th to December 26th, 2008, in Siemens Sanat.

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