Siemens Sanat
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The concept of the exhibition, which consists of different types of artworks, like pattern, placement, sculpture and video, as it aims to bring the state of raw a different perspective, is inclined to define this concept all over.

Mürteza Fidan, who is one of the curators of the exhibition, attributes to the indicators of strategically valuable 'first state and after' with the motive of Heidegger's crossing out of the word "presence": He says "The word is crossed out if it is deficient or inadequate. Stratifications constituted with words and cross-outs allow multiple readings as well. However, every cross-out/correction on this "first/raw state" also crumbles the spiritual seed of the word, which is naturally born stammered. The artworks at the exhibition include not only the temptation of the competence developed by stratifications, but also the spiritual roots of 'the raw states' ".

Özlem Gök composes simultaneous raw states in her three dimensional interpretation.

Melike Kılıç attempts to unite the spiritual world with the material reality with her patterns in her epic world, where spirits runs wildly and reality & life loses connection.

Tunca Subaşı presents documentary forms which brings the history up to date.

Johannes Vogl shows up with his outstanding implementations as the passionate inventor of the objects in a supreme dream country by functionality and tale.

The exhibition called 'Raw Cases' with the support of Euromessage, Garanti Bank, Intercity, Madebycat, OSRAM, Ran Logistics and Siemens Home Appliances can be visited between the dates of 8th December 2010 and 25th January 2011 everyday from 10.00 to 19.00 in Siemens Sanat.