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Illustration is the description of virtual events in everyday life or the words' coming into existence in exposition.

Illustration unfolds swift and simple structural forms in communication and also represents the up to date outlook, therefore the contemporary. Being a structural evaluation of an austere or simple description "Illustration," in fact, carries a structural interpretation concern as a response to the literary expression of standard living.

The narrative forms going back and forth between motion and tranquility establish contacts with the spectators in their usual known format while convincing us of the existence of a different order behind the prevailing one.

David Shillinglaw, Aksel Zeydan Göz and Erkut Terliksiz use different media to express themselves, however they never compromise on the concept of "illustration". This is not a mere concern to make a coherent illustration or to make the target object visible. This is an effort to establish contact with the expression instrument of what is contemporary.

In his memoir, David Shillinglaw underlines an environment that does not bear concern for a clear definition of oneself rather than a smooth approach to subjective book illustrations and wall illustrations.

Erkut Terliksiz establishes an intensified contact via "his own expression" through his illustrations which supposedly "display all aspects of the very moment" and "create a new ordinary environment". Aksel Zeydan Göz uses video as an instrument to let us encounter the mobility of real time reality within its depth that is concurrent with the real time.