Siemens Sanat
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The uncultivated human being is a decent savage.

It is sociality that changes human nature, and forces him to live with his unrestrainable passion and insatiable desires and turns him into an alienated being of consciousness.

The title "The Real Challenge is Elsewhere" brings the responsibility of evil created by the conflict between the reality of an Eastern person's perception through the heart (the point of view of the heart) and a Westerner's reality based on sensory perception (the optical point of view), and second-hand thoughts on the evolution of mankind which become more and more shallow each day, together.

The line, as a means of visual expression, provides a direct encounter between the artwork and the spectator. The line (drawing) is the direct means to make the content of art over a visible form with a qualitative consistency legible. The line prevents the expression from being interrupted by distracting aesthetic elements.

The works of the artists in the exhibition reconcile through the rules of line without having to adhere to any sort of movement. The relations between the artworks can be evaluated in a social context where they will dissolve in the same body through hopeless contradictions between East and West, and through some cleavages created by communicative apparatus.

The vibrant expressions created by this inauspiciousness that brings together Javed Mulani, Gözde İlkin, and Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti have embodied their efforts to come close to each other in a multiplicity ¢€" with multiple sources and multiple harmonies - display.

T. Melih Görgün